by ron gallo

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a preview EP of 3 songs from a forthcoming album called "HEAVY META" out sometime in the future, i don't know when because who knows anything.


released April 8, 2016

All songs by Ron Gallo. Engineered & Mixed by Joe Bisirri in Brooklyn and Philadelphia. Produced by Joe Bisirri and Ron Gallo.



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ron gallo Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: Young Lady, You're Scaring Me
Let’s get a house, you and me and your twelve cats
We’ll put mirrors on the ceiling,
We’ll have a bunk bed by the bath

You’ll line my mattress with nails,
one for everytime
something psycho came out of your mouth

Your cavern eyes are preying
your scarlet lips half-saying
a sales pitch for the circus in your mind

Young lady, you’re scaring me

Dumbell right to the temple
carry me to your shrine
dedicated to the prince of the last of your nine lives

She waited in the darkest corner all night
Until I closed up shop, turned out the lights
then she begged for me to drive her home
I thought about the Kensington strangler
as I was about to say no

We pulled up to her bleeding dollhouse
She said park behind the hearse
I said no need get out and take your purse

Young lady, you’re scaring me...

Remember that time you wrote me 200 letters?
never once to a single reply
Remember they all referenced a love that wasn’t real?
Considering we talked maybe one or two times

Young lady, you’re scaring me
Track Name: Put the Kids to Bed
Put the kids to bed
i need you to lie beside me
remind me that i’m dead
the guest room
two spools of thread
i hide the needles behind the bed
with my garter belt and cigarettes
put the little ones to sleep
i need you to tell me lies
to fill my empty uninspired mind

when we were young, we said one day
honey you and i are gonna share a grave
i didn’t know it’d come so soon

the feeling in my belly
of living with but not loving you
keeps me longer
at the corner store
smiling out of necessity
showing teeth just to keep the peace
working out to induce sleep
so as to healthily avoid you

put the kids to bed
it’s about time i assumed my role
just hiding my black holes
beneath blankets of love gone cold
Track Name: Kill the Medicine Man
well i just want the truth
yes i just want some truth
stay close to the ground
because everything above the billboards
and everything above the high rise
is nothingness

the only time that i felt dead
the only time i really lost my head
was when i took your medicine
no, i don’t need it
no, i don’t need it
to sound free

you take your medicine
you say you feel like a man
because you can’t deal
oh, forget the world
you’re just running from the hurt
if you face it, you can kill it
if you face it, you can kill it

kill off the medicine man
dancing around your head