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    releases February 3, 2017

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Put The Kids To Bed
Kill The Medicine Man
Poor Traits Of The Artist
Why Do You Have Kids?
Black Market Eyes
Can't Stand You
Started A War
Don't Mind The Lion
All The Punks Are Domesticated


releases February 3, 2017

All songs written by Ron Gallo
Ron Gallo Music Publishing / New West Independent Music Publishing (BMI)


Produced by: Joe Bisirri & Ron Gallo
Mixed by: Joe Bisirri
Recorded by: Joe Bisirri
Mastered by: Ryan Schwabe
A&R: Kim Buie

Package Design: Ricardo Alessio
Front Cover Photo: Lindsey Gardner
Back Cover/Insert Photos: Gina Panarello
Other Photos: Liz Maney, Devon Bristol Shaw, Eric Tsurumoto, Ron Gallo, Lindsey Gardner, CJ Harvey, Rachel Cabbitt, Ryan Michael White.

Thank you Paige, Mom, Dad, Jerry and my whole family. Thank you to the Divine Oneness. Thank you Joe Bisirri, Dominic Billett, Jerry Bernhardt, Dylan Sevey, Josh Friedman, Matt Kelly, The Lawsuits, Brian Strouse, Brendan Cunningham, Vanessa Winters, Reed Kendall, Satellite Hearts (Keaton Thandi, Justin Pellechia, Lucas Rinz), Kirby Sybert, Rich Domings, Carl Bahner, Jamie Timm, Charlie Shea, Ryan Elwell and all my friends who have brought these songs to life with me over the years. Thank you Philadelphia for a transformative decade and the teachings. Thank you Nashville for welcoming me. Thank you Lindsey Gardner, Chris Sunday, Kim Buie and everyone at New West, DB Burkeman, Alex Collier, Ryan Schwabe, Jackie Nalpant, Dave Kaplan, Carly James, Jeff Colvin, Stephanie Edwards, WXPN, CJ Harvey, Converse Rubber Tracks, Mason Pince, Angela and Ken Becker. Thank you to every person that has ever come to a show. Thank you darkness and thank you light. Thank you to all my past, present and future real friends - there are too many to list and if I forgot someone I would never live it down, and so you know who you are. Lastly and most leastly, thank you Ron Gallo because I couldn't have not not done this without you.



all rights reserved


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Ron Gallo Nashville, Tennessee

Straddling the fence; between two (2) mindsets - 1. THE WORLD: is completely fucked and 2. THE UNIVERSE: is inside you. TRYING: to lean more towards the later.


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Track Name: Young Lady, You're Scaring Me
Let’s get a house, you and me and your twelve cats
We’ll put mirrors on the ceiling
We’ll have a bunk bed by the bath
You’ll line my mattress with nails
One for every time something psycho came out of your mouth
Your cavern eyes are preying
Your scarlet lips half saying
A sales pitch for the circus in your mind

Young lady, you’re scaring me

Dumbbell right to the temple
Carry me to your shrine
Dedicated to the prince of the last of your nine lives
She waited in the darkest corner all night
Until I closed up shop, I turned out the lights
Then she begged for me to drive her home
I thought about the Kensington Strangler as I was about to say “NO”
When we pulled up to her bleeding dollhouse
She said, “Park behind the hearse.”
I said, “No need. Get out and take your purse.”

Young lady, you’re scaring me

Remember that time you wrote me two hundred letters, never once to a single reply?
Remember they all referenced a love that wasn’t real?
Considering we talked maybe one or two times

Young lady, you’re scaring me
Track Name: Please Yourself
Trying to please everybody
You just let everyone down
Including yourself

Don’t wanna be like the old oak tree
Spend my whole life helping everybody breathe
Now I’m a bench in a courtroom
Everyone is trying to blame it all on me

Don’t want to be like the asphalt on the street
Spend my whole life letting everybody walk all over me
All the pressure and the cracks
Now they’re all trying to blame it all on me

Trying to please everybody
You just let everyone down
Including yourself
You’ve got to please yourself
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